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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AFTCA Region 19 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

AFTCA Region 19 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
Judges: Paul Wright and Keith Wright

1a. Ihrkes Winchester PM Ihrke
1b. R J’s Hard Copy PM Walker

2a. Blade SM Mathys
2b. Seattle Slew PM Moore

3a. Class Act Mark PM Walker
3b. Oak Grove Gingersnap PF Reisner

4a. Rainy River PM Wingard
4b. Clovis Point Ty PM Walker

5a. Boumeester’s Closer PM Boumeester
5b. Erin’s River Road PM Jordan

6a. Class Act Sparkle PF(is) Walker
6b. Homemade PF LaNasa

7a. Notorious Doc Holiday PM Mathys
7b. Touch Star SM Brown

8a. Touch Class B SF Brown
8b. Erin’s White Smoke PM Jordan

9a. R J’s Final Shot PM Walker
9b. Notorious Red Bull PM Mathys

10a. Shattered PF Manns
10b. Class Act Special PM Walker

11a. Blue Issue SM Mullins
11b. Eldad Nicanor PM Shure

12a. Hifalutin PF(is) Walker
12b. Touchstone B SF Brown

13a. Morningstar B SM Brown
13b. Oak Grove Pacemaker PM Reisner

14a. Nehawka Bodacious PM Crayne
14b. Madtown Setemeup Joe PM Schaefer

15a. Blue PM McInteer
15b. Touch’s Approve PM Ihrke

16a. Wipeout PM McInteer
16b. Bear Wallow Lefty PM Mullins

17a. Restless Red Toolman RSM Gove
17b. Windy Ridge Buck PM Morningstar

18a. Phillips Storm Raider PM Mathys
18b. Spectacular Gold Streak PM Walker

19a. Notorious Mr. Hollywood PM Mathys
19b. Nehawka Blackjack PM Crayne

20a. Bar P Guy PM LaNasa
20b. Touch Angel B SF Brown

21a. Star’s Taris Valley Will PM Morningstar
21b. Taxi PM McInteer


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